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3rd Rock Ultrasound

Imagine a time when you, the provider, could diagnose life threatening medical problems such as ruptured abdominal aneurysm, traumatic hemoperitoneum, pericardial effusion, and ectopic pregnancy in seconds, not only in emergency medicine but in routine rounds as well. In addition, you could do this without the reliance on other (often reluctant) consultants who may not have the best interest of the patient or you in mind at the time. Transform the way you perform both emergency and routine medical diagnoses with 3rd Rock Ultrasound. The time is now, and ultrasound is how!

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"I found the course excellent, clinically relevant and practical. The hands on sessions were excellent."

- Danielle Moyer, PA

Attended Charleston, SC Introductory 3rd Rock Ultrasound Course

December, 2017

"Great course, I absolutely loved it! The presenters and proctors were awesome, taught at a great level, were interesting! I wish I had stayed for the advanced course."

- David Hyatt, PA

Attended Las Vegas, NV Introductory 3rd Rock Ultrasound Course

November, 2017

"Excellent course with great value for money and time, strongly recommend it to everyone."

- Emmanuel Trigenis, MD

Attended Las Vegas, NV Critical Care Ultrasound Course

November, 2017

"Fabulous experience, exceptional hands on."

- Lisa Davis, MD

Attended Charleston, SC Introductory 3rd Rock Ultrasound Course

December, 2017

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3rd Rock Ultrasound Course offers four types of courses, all of which can be imported to your hospital.

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3rd Rock Ultrasound Course is now online. Ideal for pre or post course education!


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