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3rd Rock Ultrasound: Imagine a time when you, the emergency provider, could diagnose such life-threatening emergency medical problems as a ruptured abdominal aneurysm, traumatic hemoperitoneum, pericardial effusion, and ectopic pregnancy in seconds. In addition, you could do this without the reliance on other, (often reluctant) consultants who may not have the best interest of the patient or you in mind at the time. That time is now, and ultrasound is how!

Ultrasound will be the medical technology of choice for emergency providers for a variety of medical conditions in the next decade and beyond. Technological breakthroughs have allowed for greater image resolution with less machine operator skill, thus allowing the individual provider the ability to use this technology to help with patient management. With the same practice and dedication you demonstrated in becoming a member of one of the most popular medical specialties today, you can empower yourself with the ability to utilize this critical technology in the ED.

Participants that will benefit from attending our courses are all practicing emergency physicians, ED directors, and other physicians or physician assistants involved with the care of patients in an emergency department or critical care setting who are not experts in diagnostic ultrasound.

We have assembled a staff of experienced emergency physicians from some of the busiest academic emergency departments in the country to provide ultrasound education to practicing emergency physicians with an interest in expanding their clinical horizon. We offer multiple courses at attractive locations, or we can come to your location and help instruct your entire staff. We also offer a custom consultation service, where we will come to your department, and review your entire ultrasound program, from QA to machine maintenance.

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